Sentimentally To… Africa (Jean-Pierre Simons)  


Sentimentally from the land
Of  Soundiata Keita,
Sentimentally from the land
Of  Tût-Ank-Amon,
Sentimentally hooked up
To the place I’ll cherish all my life.
Sentimentally breaking
The dam on this river,
Allowing the free flow
In my heart, of my emotions,
Sentimentally listening
To the stories of my heroes.


       Bridge (1):
I took a long journey,
I made it to the foreign land.
My horses are homesick,
They’re threatening to rebel.
Everything is bringing me back to my crickets
    “                     “                       to my forests
    “                    “                        to my fishermen
    “                    “                        to my rainbows
    “                    “                        to Africa  (x 3)


        Bridge (2)
Voices in my head sing lullabies
Telling me stories in their morning songs.
Challenging my knowledge,
Invoking the wisdom of Afra.

The wisdom of Afra…within me…brings me joy…now!]

Sentimentally to Africa
Sentimentally to my homeland.


 © May 2000